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Wraz is a Canadian producer & DJ from Sherbrooke, Quebec. His sound goes into the deep & dark side of Dubstep, Grime, Drum & Bass and Halftime, with fat analog synths, mythical melodies and unstoppable flow on the drums. With releases on Deep Dark & Dangerous, 4NCY/Darkmode, Duploc, and other labels across the globe, he always makes quality material for your ears, in harmony with the sound system. Get ready for some heat!

Wraz has been making a lot of waves all over North-America recently, with shows in Minneapolis, Denver, Miami, New York, Santa Cruz, Montreal, Chicago, Halifax, Toronto,  and a lot more shows planned all over the US and Canada in the future. His recent release with PAV4N & Strategy ''MASH DEM DOWN'' is also making a lot of noise in the scene along with his other recent releases with Deep Dark & Dangerous, Duploc and multiple self-releases.

Wraz has not only been very active on the web by releasing music (singles, EPs and one full album), but also by doing a lot of livestreams. He participated at 4 of the legendary Deep Dark & Dangerous Quarantine Sessions, with over 2.6k live viewers during his sets. He also has a weekly show on Twitch called Gunfingaz Thursdays alongside Substance where they receive a ton of support, having formed a great community from all around the world. They also invite top tier producers & Djs to come play every week with them (some of the past guests : Ternion Sound, The Widdler, Infekt, Distinct Motive, Mesck & Woven Thorns, & more)

In the past, the Canadian artist could be seen in a lot of festivals such has Shambhala 2022 (where he played on the DDD takeover but also DJ'ed for PAV4N), Infrasound 2022, Future Forest 2022, Origins 2021, Electric Pines 2021, Valhalla Sound Circus 2019, Future Forest 2019 and Timeless Festival 2019 (CAN).

The Canadian producer started making music full-time in 2012, when he started studying music at college (jazz drum and classical piano), then university (composition), and he has now finished his master’s degree (conducting). While always exploring new techniques of sound design and arrangement, he developed a very unique sound that can be heard in all his productions.

Stay tuned for what’s to come with Wraz!

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